1. clivegasm:

    The amazingly talented and gorgeous Richard Armitage, stage door after a stunningly intensive performance of The Crucible. Got a photo with him, too but need to check when I’m back home if it’s good enough to share. If you have ANY chance at all to see this play, do it. You will not regret a single second of it!

    Now excuse me, I shall try to piece myself back together..


  2. marujovi:

    So tall


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  4. yunamai:

    Tous les memes

  5. lady-blablabla:

    i just love this guy. sur We Heart It.


  6. 1991995:

    stromae || papaoutai

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  11. braverstrongersmarter21:

    Body pump this morning!!
    All over muscle workout without the option to quit! Perfection :D

  14. New Jamie promos + stills

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